ROBAND® Features:

Roband Offers a diverse selection of Films,
Shows, Sports & Music
From Independent
Studios & Producers

Watch Roband on your 3G or Wi-Fi mobile
devices or PC. Use a web browser or our
free RobandTheater application

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roband theater

ROBAND® delivers to you the latest and greatest media content from Independent content providers and producers

  • Movies from all genres
  • New comedy like pranks, situational comedy etc.
  • News and WEather
  • Sports
Roband® delivers your preferred shows and series to your Mobile media phone, Tablet, ,UMPC, PDA or PC whether you are connected to the Internet on DSL , WiFi or 3G. As a subscriber you will have access to the media for your viewing pleasure anywhere, anytime.

You can enjoy Roband® using one of different simple-to-use tools:

·        On your 3G or WiFi Mobile phone, PDA or Tablet

  • Direct access From your browser:
  • For Windows Mobile 5+ devices download Roband Theater mobile, install it and save bandwidth

·        On Your PC whether connected with DSL , WiFi or 3G data card

  • Direct access from your browser:
  • Browser toolbar for Internet Explorer: download, install, and click on the channel tabs
  • Download and install Roband Theater on your PC
ROBAND® is entertainment, communication and interaction linked to your favorite media. It is more than an entertainment content delivery service. You can interact with others who are interested in the same media content or genre. Share your interests and passions with others using Roband® community tools (forum, chat)


ROBAND® Theater comes in PC, web and mobile player versions. They are all full featured providing the following functionality:

Download or View Online:

  • Use easy to use interface to browse and search media content.
  • Preview media content from the subscribed channels.
  • Download or stream media content to your PC, MP3, Mobile phone, PDA or tablet.
  • Create Playlists

Interact and Share with the Community:

  • Find people on Roband® and include them in your Chat list and Send them messages via ROBAND Chat
  • View media rankings and rate it yourself, Write reviews, comments or critiques
  • Participate in our preset community forums or suggest a new forum
  • Discuss media, news, politics or anything else in Roband® forums,
  • Share Playlists with others
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